How To Ask Google A Question?

Ask a question

  • On your computer, open Google.
  • Search for a place.
  • Under the information card for the place on the right side, click “Ask a question” next to the “Questions & answers” section.
  • Optional: To edit or delete your question, click More. click Edit or Delete.

Where can I go to ask questions and get answers?

Herein find some best sites where you can ask questions and get answers from real people online.

  1. Answerbag.
  2. Yahoo! Answers.
  3. Blurt it.
  4. WikiAnswers.
  5. FunAdvice.
  6. Askville.
  7. Friendfeed.

Can Google answer all questions?

questions google can’t answer. Google can lead us to the answer to every question — except the most important ones. Google has no answer for questions about effort, worth, desire, character. We have these answers inside of us.

How do I submit a question to Google?

At the bottom of the Google Answers home page, find questions (some with answers) by either: Entering search terms.


  • Enter a question.
  • Specify an amount between US$2 and US$200 that you’re willing to pay for an answer.
  • A Google Answers researcher will search for the information you want and post an answer.

How do I ask a question in English?

Asking Questions in English | Question Structure | Fix Your Grammar

Where can I ask relationship questions?

Top 9 Websites To Ask For Relationship Advice

  1. Reddit Relationship Advice. This is a relationship advice thread where the readers, or redditors, are the advice givers.
  2. Carolyn Hax in The Washington Post. Advertising.
  3. Dear Prudence on Slate.
  4. Savage Love.
  5. Ask Amy.
  6. Answerology.
  7. Ask Dr.
  8. Ask April.

Who is most googled person?

American footballer Antonio Brown was the most googled person in the world, followed by footballer Neymar. James Charles came in third, followed yet again by Smollett, Hart and then singer Billie Eilish, who has had a mammoth 2019.

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What question is googled the most?

Most Asked Questions for “What”

Rank Question Average Global Search Volume
1 what is my ip 4,090,000
2 what is love 1,830,000
3 what time is it 1,500,000
4 what men want 1,000,000

6 more rows

Does Google know everything about me?

It’s no secret that Google knows a lot about its users. The tech giant collects tons of data about you, including your search history, location, and voice searches that help improve Google’s services and provide relevant ads. The same thing can be done if you are an iPhone user and use voice commands with a Google app.

Do a barrel roll now?

Type the phrase in Google, and the screen will tumble around (it’s a barrel roll, after all). The same thing happens if you search for “Z or R twice.” If you’re feeling lazy, you can simply click here and see the effect for yourself. Because it was built in HTML5, it doesn’t work on all browsers.

Can you talk Google?

You can now talk to your computer, kind of like you would a person — that is, if you’re running Google’s Chrome browser. Although Chrome’s voice search, which allows users to search for things just by speaking, has been around for a while, the update now lets your computer speak back to you.

How do you delete Google questions?

In Google Search

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open Google.
  • Search for a place.
  • Scroll down to the “Questions & answers” section.
  • Under “Questions & answers,” tap See questions.
  • Next to the question, tap Answer.
  • Optional: To edit or delete your answer, tap More. tap Edit or Delete.
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How do you form a question?

How to Form Questions in English –

What is TAG question in English grammar?

Tag questions (or question tags) turn a statement into a question. They are often used for checking information that we think we know is true. Tag questions are made using an auxiliary verb (for example: be or have) and a subject pronoun (for example: I, you, she).

How do you start a question?

If you want more information than a simple yes/no answer, you must ask a question starting with one of the following question words: what, where, when, why, which, who(m), whose, how. In this kind of question you also normally use an auxiliary or modal: What did you say? Where does she live?